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PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) combines the benefits of two-way radio (one to many and group calls) with the extended coverage of cellular phone (and Wifi) networks in one integrated smart device.  At Logic we see PoC as an opportunity not a threat to the existing two...
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SMC Gateway brings you the opportunity to add value by creating custom solutions for your customers that offer automation and accountability. It will enable you to provide them with solutions to an infinite range of issues. Read more....
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The Radio Activity Kairos repeater is a superior product that will deliver a better solution to your clients and is cost efficient when you appreciate its capability. Logic Wireless has exclusive distribution rights for Radio Activity Kairos base station/repeaters, a profess...
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NEW Hytera Bodycam RSM VM685

November 2, 2017
The Hytera VM685 is the perfect solution for applications requiring the capture, storage and sharing of video evidence. Body worn video cameras are already being used by security personnel at attractions, shopping centres, venues and events, and by local authoritie...
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Hytera and Logic Wireless are excited to release the newest addition to the Hytera range. The new Multi-mode Advanced Radio PDC760 radio supports analogue, DMR Tier 2, DMR Tier 3 plus broadband compatibility via 2G/3G/4G and WiFi.We’ve had this new radio for a fe...
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In today’s world of congested spectrum, there are plenty of Band III (175-225MHz) frequencies available in the UK, suitable for campus and wide area applications, including major urban areas nationwide.Until now, the only option for operation in these frequencies has been ...
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WT-RBA Battery Alert Unit for Hytera RD625 Repeaters Add WT-RBA battery alert units to the Hytera RD625 repeaters in your two-way radio network and they will notify Hytera display radios connected to the network when the repeater is running on battery pow...
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