Escape the traffic jam with digital band III

In today’s world of congested spectrum, there are plenty of Band III (175-225MHz) frequencies available in the UK, suitable for campus and wide area applications, including major urban areas nationwide.

Until now, the only option for operation in these frequencies has been analogue. Now, Tait offers the potential to upgrade Tier III analogue systems to DMR, with the first digital Band III equipment on the market.

Based on its 9300 series portables, mobile and DMR infrastructure TP9300 portableTM9300 mobile and TB9300 base station, it offers the advantages of digital radio with the confidence of products that have been going strong for years.

Read the technical information from OFCOM, the UK communications regulator here

Migrate to Band III Digital Now
Band III analogue networks can migrate to proven, reliable Tait DMR right now. An existing analogue system can now easily be upgraded to DMR in a cost-efficient migration, maintaining existing RF system designs.
Achieve More with Digital Radio
DMR opens the door to greater efficiency, safety and operational benefits for organisations. Customers can now take advantage of the advanced security, capacity, voice clarity, and data benefits inherent in DMR.
Overcome Spectrum Constraints
If your customers are looking to deploy a new Radio System, Band III DMR from Tait unlocks a viable frequency option for them with frequencies available across the UK for wide area and campus based systems. Unlock and secure unused frequency bands.
Who is the ideal customer for Band III?
Tait DMR base stations and terminals give your customers a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. Respected throughout the world, Tait DMR incorporates a growing stable of advanced applications that can easily integrate into business processes. An investment in Tait DMR today will never be stranded by future developments. Whether you have customers waiting to migrate their Band III analogue system to digital, or they are looking for new spectrum to solve their congestion woes, Tait DMR gives your customers a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency.
Features and benefits of Tait DMR

Enhanced use of data communications enabling applications
Reduced bandwidth consumption
Higher quality coverage
Greater calling capacity
Enhanced security
Better encryption capabilities
Clarity of digital voice and reduced background noise 
30 – 50 % longer battery life
The Tait DMR Band III offers two major advantages:
1. A migration path for current users of Band III. Tait offers the chance to go all the way from analogue to digital Tier III in a cost efficient, fast and easy manner. No change of existing infrastructure is necessary, competitors' infrastructure equipment is supported. 
2. Unlock unused frequency of Band III for new radio network operators. In highly congested areas for on-site and wide area networks, New radio systems can be set up using the uncongested spectrum of Band III. This is particularly relevant for taxi operators, bus and coach companies and councils as well as security service providers or building operators. Set up of new radio systems in highly congested areas for on-site and wide area networks.

Tait Product Portfolio

The Tait DMR Band III solution is based on the standard Tait 9300 series, so includes all the benefits of this standard. A tried-and-tested solution, providing a range of deployment options and supporting all existing partner applications as a result. See the full list of products supporting this technology here.

Call 0800 888 6754 to discuss how Tait Tier III could benefit your customers who are looking to migrate their Band III analogue system to digital, or for new spectrum to solve your congestion issues.


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