Push To Talk (PTToC)

PTToC (Push To Talk over Cellular) enables users to replicate two-way radio features on their cellular phone. By subscribing to an app like Chatter PTT they can make one to many calls at the push of a button.

PTToC uses cellular and Wi-Fi networks and does not therefore require additional infrastructure to cover large areas so offers a cost-effective way of extending the reach of a radio system and including non-radio users. Read our Coast to Coast case study.

PTToC Devices

Logic Wireless distribute a range of dedicated Push-to-talk (PTT) devices to perfectly complement our Push-to-talk applications and many other PTT solutions in the market today. Whether it is the Sonim product range - offering the world's most ultra rugged, IP68 smart devices with a 3 year comprehensive warranty or the Siyata in-vehicle communication 4G/LTE devices which offer all-in-one fleet communication for cellular voice calls, push to talk over cellular, navigation, data applications, built in dash camera and much more - Logic Wireless has you covered to meet the demands of today's mobile workforce. 


PTToC Solution


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