A cost-effective solution to monitor your repeater sites for power failure

WT-RBA Battery Alert Unit for Hytera RD625 Repeaters

Add WT-RBA battery alert units to the Hytera RD625 repeaters in your two-way radio network and they will notify Hytera display radios connected to the network when the repeater is running on battery power and action is required. Installation of the WT-RBA is quick and simple and a little investment in these units may save a lot of time, cost and hassle for your clients.

These units are proving particularly useful for remote or difficult to access sites where the unit will indicate power loss or battery problems before the site fails completely. An engineer can then be arranged to fix the problem if there is one available or if it’s a simple mains failure the site can be monitored until mains power is restored, removing the need for an on-site engineer to be deployed. 


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