What's the value in offering customers Tier III?

Logic Wireless offers an extensive range of TAIT DMR Tier III mobile, portable and infrastructure products. The big question we often hear from our dealer network is, 'What's the value in offering customers Tier III?'

The short answer is that, compared to Tier II and analogue, Tier III brings a range of features and benefits that can potentially save money or create added value for your customers.

For you as a dealer this could help to differentiate your solution from the competition and create new business opportunities to help grow your business.

Key DMR Tier III Benefits

Efficient Channel Use

Tier III can require fewer channels than analogue or Tier II platforms to cater for an equivalent number of radios on a system as the system issues channel resource at point of need enabling channel sharing. This is relevant where channels are scarce.

Call Priority

Tier III allows priority levels to be set for different workgroups and individuals enabling them to override other traffic in an emergency, which could be crucial. This is a key benefit to customers concerned about handling incidents effectively and ensuring the safety of staff and members of the public.


Tier III combines individual site requirements into a single radio communications network which can be connected via the existing WAN IT network. It simplifies radio system architecture and allows greater control and monitoring of the system.

GPS and Text Messaging

Unlike Tier II, GPS and text data on Tier III is carried on separate channels to eliminate impact on voice calls and channel availability.


With Tier III additional channel (capacity) user expansion or the addition of new sites is very easily managed and cost effective, with minimal impact to the clients existing radio operation.

How can Logic Wireless help?


Logic Wireless has delivered more than 30 DMR Tier III solutions worldwide, working closely with its dealer partners on a range of different end user applications. We have a team of experts who can assist you in designing and delivering Tier III solutions.

Radio System Management

To capitalise on the full extended features available from Tier III solutions, Logic Wireless offers a comprehensive radio management solution (dispatcher) - Crosswire. 


Logic Wireless can provide extensive technical support and training in the design and implementation Tier III systems, however large or small.

Delivering Business Critical Communications in Remote Locations

Gippsland Water's catchment covers an area of over 5000 sq km. A Tait Tier III trunking system has provided a robust communication system for workers and improved health and safety.

If you have questions about Tier III, believe that Tier III is the appropriate solution for a system you’re proposing and you would like to check your thinking, or you’d like support in presenting your proposal to your client we can help. 

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