WT-RBA Repeater Battery Alert Unit for Hytera RD625 Repeaters

The WT-RBA unit will trigger a Hytera RD625 repeater programmed to a digital channel to send alerts to Hytera display radios showing the current mains and battery status. The unit can trigger four types of alert/status message.


Mains fail

When the mains fails and the repeater switches to battery power, ‘Mains Fail’ message will be sent to selected radios.

Mains Restored

When mains power is restored a ‘Mains Restored’ message will be sent.

Battery Low

Once the battery is discharged to a low level the ‘Battery Low’ message will be sent.


If the tamper loop is broken a ‘Tamper’ message will be sent.

The exact text of these messages can be customised to customer requirements (or language).

NB: Requires a sealed lead acid standby battery. Battery and lead are not supplied with the WT-RBA unit

Retail Price £80.00 (excluding VAT)

Call 0800 888 6754 for a trade price and to order.

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