Band III - What is it?

Band III (175-225MHz) is a spectrum that was previously reserved for black and white television broadcasting in the UK, but was made available for land mobile radio in 1985. Up until recently, this frequency has only been available in analogue, but now Tait can offer digital Band III.

What does the availability of Band III mean for LMR users?

Congested, expensive frequencies have long posed problems for those seeking to expand their existing networks. Band III has opened LMR access to additional unused frequencies. With Band III, customers who have struggled to obtain licenses for limited spectrum space can license this frequency, escaping the congested frequencies of other bands.

If it's been around for years, why is it important now?

Until now, customers? only options when choosing Band III were limited to analogue equipment. No Band III digital offerings existed, meaning users in that spectrum could not enjoy the safety, efficiency, and security benefits of the latest digital radio technology. That is no longer true - Tait is now the first to offer DMR equipment in Band III, opening the door to the wide range of benefits analogue networks lack. Whether you already use Band III in analogue and want to upgrade, or have been waiting to implement a DMR network, Tait is the first to offer you a solution.

What products is Tait offering for Band III?

The reliable Tait 9300-series DMR equipment is available in Band III, including base stations and terminals. The following products are available: 

  • TP9300 Portable Series 175-225MHz (Excluding Intrinsically Safe TP9361 ) 
  • TM9300 Mobile Series 175-225MHz 
  • TB9300 Base station 175-193MHz (50W Variant)

I already use Band III in analogue - why would I want to migrate to DMR?

Before, you could only use analogue in Band III. Digital mobile radio opens the door to greater efficiency, safety, and operational benefits for your organisation. DMR helps you achieve more with advanced security, double channel capacity, improved voice clarity, and data features.

We haven't been able to set up a DMR network because of the spectrum shortage. Is there anything unusual we'd have to do to use DMR on Band III?

No, it's simply more frequency. Only Tait can help organisations who have previously been unable to license new DMR networks to enjoy the benefits of digital radio with the additional frequency offered by Band III. This is especially helpful in urban areas where there is high competition for very limited spectrum. With Tait, you now have the space to build your network and grow your organisation.

The benefits of DMR Band III sound great, but won't upgrading be difficult and expensive?

You can migrate to digital without the tears. Tait has a comprehensive, flexible, cost-effective DMR solution with a clear migration path, making it a painless process. Your existing MPT trunked system can be easily upgraded in a cost-efficient migration, at your own pace, in line with your budget. 

It sounds like I can benefit from DMR Band III, but what makes Tait networks so great?

Tait DMR base stations and terminals give you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. Respected throughout the world, Tait DMR incorporates a growing stable of advanced applications that can easily integrate into your business processes. An investment in Tait DMR today will never be stranded by future developments.

DMR Band III is the choice for me - when can I start?

Right now - Tait is the first and only radio manufacturer in the UK to offer DMR systems for Band III. A Tait digital Band III network can give your organisation more options to grow.


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