Demonstrating Tait's commitment to trusted Tait MPT technology, the TB8200 is the base station/repeater at the heart of the solution. Building on the reliability and performance of the intelligent TB8100, added channel management functionality provides two integrated Tait MPT channels in each base station/repeater.

By combining channel management and base station/repeater functions, the TB8200 simplifies the Tait MPT solution, minimizing system deployment and maintenance costs.

The TB8200 is designed to deal with harsh conditions. Specified to operate continuously at full power, at up to 15,000ft (4,572m) in temperatures as high as 140˚F (60˚). Large heatsinks and front-to-back fan cooling methods mean that no spacing is required between base stations/repeaters.

Having a common hardware platform allows seamless migration from the TB8200 to digital technologies, including DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and P25


  • Non-proprietary open standard
  • Seamlessly integrates into TaitNet MPT networks
  • Provides up to two Tait MPT channels in one TB8200
  • Software licenses for additional capability/features and remote programming reduces the need for site visits and hardware upgrades
  • Proven RF platform
  • Ethernet system interface enables IP management of communications system SNMP management support option
  • Best-in-class reliability - the choice for critical applications
  • Scalable - equally suited to single and multi-site systems
  • Smart AC/DC switching to ensure continuity of service
  • Built-in test equipment provides self-monitoring with local and remote alarm logging
  • 4-Wire/IP
  • Covers key frequency bands from 136MHz to 800MHz


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