Logic Wireless batteries enjoy a well earned reputation for performance and durability. That's because they incorporate features like matched cells from top Japanese manufacturers, gold plated contacts, premium ABS housings, and nickel plated tabs. Our batteries can be counted on to power your radio under the most demanding field conditions and are backed by our no fuss 12 month warranty.

The Logic Wireless Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) 3400mAh Tait replacement battery has extended operating times and excellent cycle life. Users with an existing Tait Li-Ion battery fleet will appreciate that the Logic Wireless LiPo battery is compatible with their existing charger - no extra equipment is required.


  • Longer shift life compared to other two-way radio battery options
  • Greater cycle life compared to Li-Ion cells
  • Self-discharge rate of less than 5% per month, which is one third that of NiMH batteries
  • Can be charged using Logic Wireless battery chargers,or OEM chargers designed for Li-Ion batteries
  • Belt clip comes as standard

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