8 major advantages of the Radio Activity Kairos repeater

The Radio Activity Kairos repeater is a superior product that will deliver a better solution to your clients and is cost efficient when you appreciate its capability. Logic Wireless has exclusive distribution rights for Radio Activity Kairos base station/repeaters, a professional infrastructure solution for mobile radios.

1. Superior coverage and reception

With software receiver diversity, Kairos automatically performs complex signal processing to select the best possible received signal, even reflected signals. Using this in-built process, received signals are significantly improved, resulting in superior portable radio coverage.

2. Simulcast & Roaming Capabilities

Running simulcast, Kairos provides a great solution for areas where licences are difficult to come by. Covering a wide area with a single channel licence not only saves money but provides the end user an improved and simplified operation with automated roaming between repeater sites.

3. IP and RF Linking

Connecting Kairos repeaters in a multi-site system couldn't be simpler, Kairos repeaters include IP linking as standard. Where an IP network isn't available Kairos can also be RF linked making this product ideal for long or challenging link paths.

4. It's compact and tough
Kairos is incredibly compact (roughly the size and of a small tablet), light and ruggedised. It has been used in many transportable applications including outside broadcast where size and weight is key.
5. True multi-mode operation (Analogue & Digital)
The Kairos repeater is a versatile multi-mode device that can operate in analogue, DMR Tier 2, Tier 3 and paging, switching between modes based on the incoming signal. This makes it a cost-effective solution for customers looking to gradually migrate their existing communication network from analogue to digital.

6. Very low power
Kairos has the added benefit of very low power consumption making it particularly useful in remote sites relying on battery or a solar power source.

7. Powerful remote control and monitoring
Kairos' remote monitoring and configuration tool speeds up setup and maintenance operations and enables secure software upgrades to be performed without the need for a site visit.

8. Open standards based
Kairos supports open standards and is compatible with radios from most major manufacturers including Tait and Hytera.

Typical configurations

  • Analogue/ DMR dual timeslot fixed base station
  • Redundant 1+1 Hot Standby base stations
  • Multisite IP-linked network
  • RF linked base stations

Example applications where Kairos comes into its own

  • Applications where channel licensing is problematic
  • Large scale, short-term events where portability, flexibility and reliability are key
  • Remote and off grid sites
  • Linking sites with long and challenging link paths
  • Other mobile applications e.g. broadcasting
  • Tunnel projects where simulcasting allows for continuous roaming without any channel changes

Radio Activity in action

Our colleagues in New Zealand recently supplied seven Radio Activity Kairos repeaters to dealer Outback Communications for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Multisport Challenge. They were responsible for providing coverage for this 243km event that takes in mountainous areas where accessibility is so tricky that the repeaters and staff had to be dropped in by helicopter.
In addition to radio communications Outback implemented high bandwidth live streaming video from multiple locations with data from the timing stations, and Wi-Fi for retail vendors, the media and competitors.

Here's what Outback Communications said,
"From six years' experience of providing multi-site digital land mobile networks I can confirm that simulcast takes away a lot of the issues."

"The client commented on the noticeable difference in clarity in communications from previous years and the lack of interference between cameras and radios."
Corey Weir
Outback Communications

If you would like to know more about Radio Activity Kairos, full technical details and a brochure download are available on the Radio Activity Kairos page or call us to discuss the application you're considering it for.

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