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Providing Radio Coverage Across Difficult Terrain – RF Linking

The UK has 15 National Parks covering wide areas (the Lake District covers 885 sq. miles and the Cairngorms miles 1,748 sq. miles) and the highest peaks in the country. Providing effective communication in environments like these can be extremely challenging but it is essential to the safety of those who work in these parks.


Potential Applications

  • Sporting events
  • Transport

Ease of set-up:


Recommended Products:

  • Radio Activity Kairos


Two-way radio continues to be one of the most reliable communication solutions for this type of scenario, however providing effective radio coverage in mountainous terrain can be very difficult. Typically, the radio system will be designed using enough transmit/repeater sites to cover the required area. The remoteness of these sites can create problems because often broadband IP is not available at the site to interconnect the radio system. This can form a blackspot or hole in the radio coverage area.

For any organisation trying to solve this problem there are two options:

  • Put in a microwave link between two of the sites. This can be costly and relies on an uninterrupted line of site, so for example if there is a hill, building or other obstruction in the way the signal won’t get through and the sites won’t be connected.
  • Use a Radio Activity Kairos repeater as an RF link utilising some of the radio channels to link the two sites. This is a much more cost effective solution than a microwave link and it doesn’t require an unobstructed line of site between the two sites.

The Kairos Repeater is a multi-mode unit and will work with a mixed fleet of analogue and digital radios seamlessly. It will even support paging devices if these are also required.

Radio Activity Kairos offers an affordable, effective way of bridging gaps in a communication network. For systems with sites that have no IP connection, Kairos can provide up to a maximum of three RF linked connections in a daisy chain. If the system has a mixture of IP connected and non-connected sites, it is possible to increase some of the RF linked connections depending on the specific system environment.

At each site, multiple radios can be used to provide local coverage as well as continue the link to the next site.

Kairos is incredibly compact (roughly the size and of a small tablet), light and ruggedised. Which makes it ideal for temporary systems and permanent ones. So, for example, if you have a requirement to run a short-term event or temporarily expand your network, an additional Kairos repeater can be easily added to the system. 

Kairos is compatible with most hand portable and mobile radio manufacturers including Motorola, Hytera and Tait.

Radio Activity Kairos is already proven for mountain rescue, forestry and environmental applications in the mountains of Italy, Poland and Switzerland and the national parks of Poland.


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