Logic Wireless Scenario - High Capacity Systems

High Capacity Radio Networks with Advanced Safety Features

When looking for a radio system an organisation often needs to answer two key questions:

  • What is the size of the radio system required, i.e. number of users, channels and typical traffic utilisation? Is this greater than 50 users, 10 channels and expected to have high traffic levels?
  • Are advanced safety features required such as; Priority Call Interrupt, User Location Tracking or Emergency Alerting?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then a DMR Tier III system could be the solution.


Potential Applications

  • Facilities management
  • Retail and leisure destinations
  • Utilities
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Airports

Ease of set-up:


Tait TN9300-1
Tait TN9300-1


ACME Water has three water treatment plants. Their radio system requirements in summary are:  

  • 100 Users
  • 25 Channels
  • 3 Sites
  • High traffic use
  • Advanced Health & Safety Features
  • Security – Prevention of unauthorised access to the radio network

Because ACME employees often work alone and in dangerous environments their insurance company has stipulated that the following are essential:

  • Priority Call Interrupt – In the event of an emergency this allows a user in distress to be given priority over the communication system and interrupt communications if there are no free channels available.
  • User Location Tracking – Either outside or inside a building, in the event of an emergency a user can be quickly located or accidents prevented by alerting a central controller when a user has entered a dangerous area.
  • Emergency Alerting – All radios fitted with an emergency alert button will allow a signal to be sent back to central control to indicate that an incident has occurred and where the user is located.

ACME anticipates high traffic levels across the system throughout the day and during evenings and therefore will need a system that can cope and ensure maximum free channel availability at all times.

Tier III Solution

For applications like ACME's,  a Tier III radio system has a number of key advantages over a conventional analogue or DMR Tier II system.

These include:

  • Efficient Channel Capacity Management. For organisations with high voice and data traffic volumes this is essential and ensures maximum channel availability at all times.
  • Advanced Health & Safety Features. Including Priority Interrupt and Efficient Location Tracking without using voice channel capacity.
  • Advanced Security Features. Including AES Encryption to protect communications and User Authentication to prevent unauthorised access or attacks on the radio system.
  • Interoperability. Tier III systems must comply with a common set of open standards. This means that an organisation is not locked into one manufacturer and can choose the best infrastructure and portable radio equipment to meet their requirements for cost & functionality.

Need help designing a system?

Logic Wireless has extensive experience and expertise around Tier III system design and implementation. Working closely through our dealer partners we have successfully delivered a number of Tier III radio solutions across a range of different industry sectors and applications.

If you would like further information about our Tier III solutions or would like to speak with one of our experts about your requirements please contact us and we would be very happy to help.

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Logic Wireless Scenarios

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