Frequently Asked Questions

What do the IP ratings stand for?

The first digit in an IP rating is for solids, the second is for liquids. Need to know more? Click on the link.

How do I look after radio batteries?

Read Hytera's excellent advice on battery care here.

What's Tier III ... and other questions about it

Tait's very useful crib sheet will hopefully answer all your questions. If not give us a call.

Can't see an answer to your question here?

This section is still work in progress. If you have  a question please call or email us  and we'll get you an answer.

Need advice or information? Call us on 0800 888 6754

If you're an existing customer don't forget that you can log on to our Support Portal for details of firmware and software updates, new product releases, bug fixes etc. and to get online advice from the team.


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