Logic Wireless Scenario - Events

Extending Coverage for Events

Reliable communications are essential for event co-ordinators. Ensuring communications are available to all the right people in all the right places can be a challenge. Logic Wireless supplies a number mobile, cost-effective solutions.


Potential Applications

  • Sporting events
  • Entertainment events
  • Festivals
  • Venues
  • School events

Ease of set-up:


Recommended Product(s): 

  • Hytera PD985 DMR Radio
  • Radio Activity Kairos
  • ChatterPTT


Communication between two-way radio users at a high school is not an issue for the majority of the school year but on sports day and speech day when coverage needs to extend out to the school playing fields it is an issue. The Hytera PD985 acts a repeater. Placing the PD985 in the optimum location to give the additional coverage required can provide the school with a cost-effective, flexible solution. The PD985 can be demonstrated in situ so that the school is comfortable making the investment.

The organisers of a cross country challenge used Radio Activity Kairos repeaters to achieve coverage over the remote sections of the course. Radio Activity repeaters are small can easily be fitted into a Peli case and temporarily located where required. The repeaters are very efficient and require comparatively little power so it is possible to use solar power to charge them when there's likely to be adequate sunlight.

An events company can use ChatterPTT to enable management to link into a rented two-way radio system using their smartphones, extending the number of people able to access the system without the need for additional radios. The cost of a PTT licences versus the cost of hiring additional radios is cost effective.   

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Logic Wireless Scenarios

Logic Wireless scenarios are designed illustrate the type of issues the products and solutions we supply can address, and to provide inspiration for how they can be applied to existing and potential customers. Our objective is to empower dealers to sell better solutions rather than entering into a race to the bottom on price for like-for-like systems.


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