24 Challenging Kilometres of Communications

A utilities company approached ESS Safeforce to provide a two-way communication system that would allow their team to communicate throughout the entire length of their 24km power line replacement project in Aberdeen, and the associated service roads.

The Challenge

For radio users working on a power line replacement project covering over 24 kms, and taking in remote and often inhospitable Scottish landscape, having reliable communication is essential, not just for carrying out their necessary roles but also for health and safety.

ESS Safeforce rose to the task of designing a solution to meet the challenges of the distance and varying topography, with Logic Wireless providing equipment and support.

"Again and again the Radio Activity Kairos repeater proves its capabilities in the most challenging applications."

Andrew Hyde, Sales Manager, Logic Wireless Europe

The Solution

Using its in-house radio propagation software, ESS Safeforce planned multiple radio networks. A subsequent on-site radio survey ensured that all environmental considerations were taken into account before finalising the proposed solution.

"We aim to work collaboratively with dealers and their clients to develop solutions to meet and often exceed expectations."

Guy Hopkins Director, Logic Wireless Europe Ltd

The System

ESS Safeforce provided a cost-effective solution for their client. They designed a system based on Radio Activity Kairos repeaters, which offer a number of relevant benefits including; excellent coverage and reception performance, simulcast and roaming capabilities, IP and RF linking, true multi-mode operation (analogue and digital), powerful remote control and monitoring and open-standard software. Additionally, the units themselves are compact and tough with very low power consumption.

The system, which supports 50 hand portable radios, covers two sites each with two Radio Activity Kairos repeaters, one acting as a voice repeater and the other as an RF link repeater. Specific directional antennas were used to provide the RF link between the  repeaters and Dipole antennas to provide RF coverage for the radios. The ESS Safeforce team ensured that the coverage areas overlapped to provide uninterrupted coverage along the route.

The ability to monitor and control the repeaters remotely is a major advantage when providing communication over such a wide area. ESS Safeforce's client has the peace of mind of knowing that this is available and supported by ESS Safeforce's on-site tech support.

"Radio Activity Kairos provided the perfect solution to he challenges of this job and it's alway good to know that we have the technical backup of Logic Wireless should we need it ."

Ian Allen, Product Manager - Radio Communications, ESS Safeforce

Thank you to ESS Safeforce for this case study.

If you would like to know more about Radio Activity Kairos, full technical details and a brochure download are available on the Radio Activity Kairos page or call us to discuss the application you're considering it for.


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