Facility Management radio frequencies - available and scalable right now

Radio spectrum now available in London

With a dense population and high activity in the city, there is a lack of radio spectrum in London and the access to OFCOM licenses is becoming more difficult, expensive and time consuming to secure.

Currently spectrum is so congested that normal VHF and UHF channels are often shared by three or four organisations, meaning communications don't always get through and unrelated chatter can be experienced by users.

Readily Available

By contrast, Band III has plenty of spectrum available right now and is ideal for organisation’s needing a scalable communications network with fewer limitations, more security, capacity, clarity and features.

The Tait DMR Tier 3 network in the Band III spectrum gives access to readily available two way radio frequencies while offering all the advantages of digital radio without clutter or congestion.

If your organisation's ready to move forward to an available and scalable digital radio solution, in London or in fact anywhere in the UK, then contact our specialist, Andy today.

Andy Massey | andy.massey@logicwireless.co.uk | +44 7311 278 687


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