SMC Gateway - a world of opportunity

SMC Gateway brings you the opportunity to add value by creating custom solutions for your customers that offer automation and accountability. It will enable you to provide them with solutions to an infinite range of issues.

GPS tracking without internet access


The SMC Gateway can create a private branch exchange (PBX) i.e. a private telephone network, which can support up to ten I.P desk telephones, allowing ten people on the site to communicate with each other.

Access to the wider telephone network can be achieved with the addition of a GSM dongle, a SIM card. People outside the system can then dial in and be redirected to a telephone within the system.  

NB: SMC Gateway will not plug directly into a phone landline socket. It is either a GSM dongle or a SIP connection enabled by an internet connection (satellite broadband or landline broadband).

Auto attendance can be added to the dial-in system to make it possible for someone dialling in to access one radio user or a group of radio users or to action a workflow, for example select option 5 to open a barrier or reset and alarm. Dialling in can be restricted so that no one without a PIN can access auto attendance functions


To achieve reliable internal and external communication, particularly where a cost effective temporary solution is required. 


Remote sites with little infrastructure such as wind farms and fracking sites are ideal applications.

Inspired? What next?

If you would like to know more about SMC Gateway, full technical details are available on the SMC Gateway page or call us to discuss the application you're considering it for.

We can provide as little or as much help as you require in exploring the potential of the SMC Gateway.

The configuration programming is very visual using a browser-based flow editor with nodes and virtual wires. You can see basic flows on the support section of the SMC website. If your competent and confident just call us with any questions you have.

We offer dealer training events and online team view training.

If you’re setting up in your client’s office or premises, with the client’s permission, we can access the PC via team view to support you.

We can accompany you for client training or this can also be done remotely via team view.


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