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SMC Gateway brings you the opportunity to add value by creating custom solutions for your customers that offer automation and accountability. It will enable you to provide them with solutions to an infinite range of issues.

Reduce the impact of false alarms


SMC Gateway can be integrated with fire, smoke and intruder alarms to raise the alert when the feed indicates that a zone, sensor or alarm have been activated. The alert, which can be a text) or audio file, will identify the relevant area. It can be sent to radios, mobile devices and PC’s.

“Of the total incidents attended in the year ending June 2017, fires accounted for 31 per cent, non-fire incidents for 30 per cent and fire false alarms for 39 per cent. Over time, fire false alarms have consistently been the most common type of incident attended." 


It is in the interest of businesses to reduce the number of false alarms, which represent a potential loss due to:

  •    Lost production
  •    Disruption due to staff evacuation
  •    Unnecessary release of retained firefighters
  •    Possible future charging for attendance by fire and rescue services
  •    Increased insurance premiums

Early notification using the SMC Gateway offers the potential to intervene and identify a false alarm or deal with a minor incident before the pre-alarm window (which can be up to minutes) has elapsed and avoid calling the emergency services and an unnecessary evacuation.

False alarm categories


Unwanted alarms, where the system has operated as designed, or has responded as expected to its environment, accidental damage or action by people


Equipment false alarms generated from a fault within the system equipment


Malicious false alarms, where someone intentionally triggers a fire alarm knowing there is no fire


Alarms with good intent, where someone intentionally triggers a fire alarm because they believe there is a fire.


Any application where there is a health and safety or commercial benefit in identifying false alarms and intervening before they escalate to evacuation and the involvement of the emergency services.


  • A large distribution centre may suffer from a number of malicious false alarms if employees think that evacuations break up the monotony of the day.
  • A hotel would appreciate the benefits of not having to evacuate the building every time a guest smokes in their rooms.

“The increase in fire false alarms in the year ending June 2017 compared with the previous year was largely driven by a 4% increase in fire false alarms ‘due to apparatus’ (145,802 to 151,259). There was also 4% increase in ‘good intent’ fire false alarms (64,360 to 67,088) and a 3% increase in ‘malicious’ fire false alarms (6,926 to 7,107)." 

Inspired? What next?

If you would like to know more about SMC Gateway, full technical details are available on the SMC Gateway page or call us to discuss the application you're considering it for.

We can provide as little or as much help as you require in exploring the potential of the SMC Gateway.

The configuration programming is very visual using a browser-based flow editor with nodes and virtual wires. You can see basic flows on the support section of the SMC website. If your competent and confident just call us with any questions you have.

We offer dealer training events and online team view training.

If you’re setting up in your client’s office or premises, with the client’s permission, we can access the PC via team view to support you.

We can accompany you for client training or this can also be done remotely via team view.


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