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SMC Gateway brings you the opportunity to add value by creating custom solutions for your customers that offer automation and accountability. It will enable you to provide them with solutions to an infinite range of issues.

Connecting with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) * feeds


The SMC Gateway can look at RSS feeds, report on the information contained within them and be programmed to react if necessary.


Connecting RSS feeds to SMC Gateway not only makes the automation of some tasks possible but also provides a chain of evidence of circumstances and actions.


Tower cranes are only permitted to operate below certain wind speeds. These depend on the crane and the task but typically are well below 31mph. The SMC Gateway could be used to monitor RSS feeds providing real time recordings of wind speeds from any number of sites and set up to respond to specific criteria e.g. If wind speed is 25 mph do X, where X could be sending a voice recording, email or text or triggering an audible alarm to let the site manager, crane operators etc. know that work needs to cease.  

Using RSS feed of tide times SMC Gateway can be programmed to generate tweets letting surfers know when the tide is up.

*Really Simple Syndication is a type of web feed which allows users to access updates to online content in a standardised, computer-readable format.

Inspired? What next?

If you would like to know more about SMC Gateway, full technical details are available on the SMC Gateway page or call us to discuss the application you're considering it for.

We can provide as little or as much help as you require in exploring the potential of the SMC Gateway.

The configuration programming is very visual using a browser-based flow editor with nodes and virtual wires. You can see basic flows on the support section of the SMC website. If your competent and confident just call us with any questions you have.

We offer dealer training events and online team view training.

If you’re setting up in your client’s office or premises, with the client’s permission, we can access the PC via team view to support you.

We can accompany you for client training or this can also be done remotely via team view.


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