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Protecting Employees at Risk from Aggressive Behaviour

Some people who work in potentially confrontational roles may be subject to aggressive behaviour from members of the public e.g. parking attendants and security staff, and some people are vulnerable if confrontation happens when they are working alone e.g. housing officers, social workers etc. Employers need to assess the risk to their employees and take steps to ensure that they have the training and equipment to deal with confrontational incidents.


Potential Applications

  • Parking Attendants
  • Housing Officers
  • Social Workers
  • Security Staff
  • Teachers
  • Crossing patrols

Ease of set-up:


Recommended Product(s): 

  • Hytera VM685 Body Worn Video Camera


Housing officers working for a housing association are issued with smartphones to enable them to keep in contact with their office. The smartphones mean that they can deal with administration issues and, when the officers attended a property alone, provide some reassurance that they can contact the office in an emergency or if a resident becomes aggressive. The officers also believe that they could use the video on the smartphone as a deterrent and to record evidential footage of aggressive or inappropriate behaviour.

Unfortunately, an officer did encounter an aggressive resident. Using her initiative, she cautioned the resident and began filming the incident. Shortly after she received a call on the same mobile. The mobile stopped videoing to handle the call and she was unable to capture the full incident. Consequently, she was left with her version of events versus the resident’s, with no independent evidence to corroborate her version.

A body worn video camera has several advantages over mobiles in this type of scenario:

  • It is visible so immediately acts as a deterrent.
  • It is a dedicated device designed to video so will not be distracted with other functions. A smartphone’s primary function is voice call and this will over ride video and video applications so even if a body worn camera app is used it is not guaranteed to be effective.
  •  Using the body worn video camera will not drain the battery or memory on the user’s smartphone
  • The user does not need to expose their mobile to being damaged (and potentially then being out of contact with the office or emergency services)
  • Video content will automatically be downloaded at the end of the shift

Any organisation currently relying on smartphone footage to provide evidence of inappropriate behaviour towards its employees should be seriously considering moving to body worn cameras. We recommend the Hytera VM685, which can be used on its own or paired with the Hytera Advanced Multi-mode Radio making live streaming possible where radio coverage exists or where anywhere a smartphone could receive coverage as the Multi-mode is effectively both. Whether the employer is providing mobile phones or two-way radios for communication this additional device is relevant.

Relevant Coverage in the Media

Spokesperson, Newham Council

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