Hytera RVM VM685 Bodyworn Video Camera

Remote Video Speaker Microphone

Hytera's Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM) is designed to capture, store and share video, audio and image evidence in the field. The device integrates a body worn camera with a remote speaker microphone. Pairing with the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio, the RVM allows you to make and receive voice communications, initiate an emergency alarm and deliver real-time video to a control center over the LTE network, even in low light conditions.

The Hytera RVM docks into a specially designed multi-unit charger to auto export audio, video, images and log files to the Digital Evidence Management (DEM) platform. This ensures captured content remains tamper-proof and transferred securely to the control center. 

Data Acquisition

The MDM platform securely collects and stores digital evidence from the device. With intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), you can review, manage and share data simply and efficiently from your PC.

See Clearly

Operated via one-touch in all light environments, the infrared LED supports low light with the LCD display for playback. 

Emergency Mode

Initiate an emergency call through your Hytera radio via the dedicated emergency button.

Bluetooth 4.0

Wireless connectivity for audio and BLE support.


Additional connectivity via Wi-Fi to push information and support programming. 

Cabled Connections

Cable accessories are available to connect your RVM to the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio or a selection of narrowband DMR and Tetra devices. 

Outstanding Recording Performance

180° rotatable & 140° wide-angle lens, 16-megapixel image sensor and six infrared LED.

Simple Intelligent Design

Easy to use, with one-touch operation for video capture, voice recording and emergency call.

Rugged and Reliable

Dust and waterproof, rated IP67, sustaining performance in harsh environments.

Slimline and Compact

This lightweight device weighs less than 170g, positioned on the person using the universal heavy duty clothing clip.


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