Hytera VM550D

Bodyworn Camera

This innovative device combines a body camera and remote speaker microphone, ensuring high quality evidence is captured securely and accurately, and also enables improved situational awareness

Compact, Slim and Lightweight

The VM55OD weighs just 14Sg, easily held, clipped or placed in your pocket. This makes it an ideal
companion for evidence collection throughout your shift 

Internal Backup Battery

When the removable battery is detached, the VM55OD can still work for 5 minutes with the internal battery backup ensuring smooth operation

Reliable and Rugged Structure

The VMSSOD is compliant with MI L-STD-810 G and I P67, and passes the 2m drop test, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environments. 

Auto Video Saving Upon Sudden Impact

Upon a sudden impact, the VM55OD will save the video being recorded and the video is marked as
important evidence automatically. 

All-in-One Device

The VM55OD is an all in one device, combining a body camera and a remote speaker microphone.
This eliminates the need for officers to carry multiple devices. It is equipped with a H D camera providing INSTANT AND ACCURATE VIDEO RECORDING AND IMAGE CAPTURE for experienced

Night Vision

In low-light conditions, the night vision feature will be activated automatically making scenes within 10 meters visible. This allows for round-the clock surveillance, day or night.


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