Multi-Mode Advanced Radio

The Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio (Hytera PDC760/PTC760) is a revolutionary device in the private radio network industry. The first of its kind is to offer a truly convergent platform for critical voice and broadband data services. This innovative development is a significant milestone. The radio supports multi-mode communication in different scenarios, whether it's daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, utilising the public or private network.

Offering the user a truly unified communication experience. The rich applications and high-level data security ensure the radio calmly handles any critical situation, and improve co-operation and seamless communication. 

The ergonomic design combined with the rugged chassis and touch-screen supports a new sensory experience to meet your diversified requirements. You can listen and see clearly, operate and transmit securely and utilise your improved situational awareness to respond and achieve quickly and effectively.

Data Acquisition

Detect the surrounding environment, provide alerts and acquire data in real time, communicating continuously with back-end systems for informed decisions.

Seamless Communications

Seamlessly switching between networks, utilise public or private LTE networks to afford additional communication flexibility outside of your PMR network.

Secure Supervison

Maximise the encryption services and control system to push secure data for evidence capture and critical information sharing. 

Flexible Applications

Applications and third-party API's can provide flexible tools and gateways to make the most of the LTE data services.

Broadband & Narrowband Coverage

The narrowband switches between digital and analogue, the broadband supports all mobile networks and the two system collaborate to guarantee smooth communications.

Crystal Clear Critical Voice

The radio adopts advanced audio technology, such as multi-mic noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation and wind noise suppression, to ensure the user can receive and transmit clear voice communications even more noisy environments.

Multiple Security Assurances

The device supports authentication and both software and hardware encryption to prevent voice and data theft. The management system monitors the radio in real-time and the device can be stunned, killed or data erased if there is any abnormality.

Quick Charging

The latest smart battery technology delivery quick charging, 3 times faster than regular batteries. 80% of the capacity can be charged in just 30 mins, while a full charge can be achieved in 1 hour.

The Ultimate Communication Device

Available as either a DMR or TETRA variant, combine narrowband mission critical communications with LTE broadband data throughput. PMR (DMR or TETRA) is best to deliver voice applications, including group and emergency calls, and 4G LTE provides fast data services to support a multitude of applications. The LTE Multi-mode handset interconnects the two technologies to form a converged solution to allow users to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whether it's machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT), data sharing of images and streaming video from the field, or even interrogating databases and roaming between sites, the Hytera Multi-mode handset offers advanced functionality and flexible communications. Converging on one device means staff do not have to carry two separate handsets to access the best in voice and data technology.


The Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio delivers excellent situational awareness, smartly detecting the surrounding environment, providing alerts and acquiring data in real time. Communicating continuously with back-end systems, you can improve your operational effectiveness with instant feedback and informed decision making. The device will become an extension of your senses, assuring your safety and enhancing your response with on-demand services.


Whenever and wherever you are operating, the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio is by your side to offer a great voice communication experience. Seamlessly switching between networks, the intelligent device manages multiple communication modes, presented in a dedicated, user-friendly interface, to ensure that you can enjoy a seamless communication experience while the radio takes care of network transitions.


Security of personnel and your voice or data transmissions is critical no matter the application. The Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio is designed to provide holistic secure control or your communications, adopting an effective link between the radio and back-end systems. There is no need to worry about data security, device loss, evidence management or command availability as the radio delivers a brand-new encrypted control system.

The Perfect Accessory for the PDC760 / PTC760

Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM)

This innovatively designed body-worn camera offers the ideal solution to capture, store and share evidence from the field. The in-built remote speaker microphone allows users to communicate efficiently, initiate an emergency alarm and deliver real-time video, even in low-light conditions, when paired with the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio.

Click here to find out more about the RVM.


Efficient Batch Programming & Upgrade

Manage large quantities of radios concurrently to improve programming and upgrade efficiency.

Rich Third Party APIs

Provide the third party APIs for various service extensions such as cloud storage, streaming media, and interfacing with other systems.

Effective Data Collection & Security Analysis

Collect various radio data including parameters, configuration and diagnosis log to monitor radio and eliminate security threats.

Quick Configuration & OTAP Programming

Utilize the high-speed and reliable message channel between the radio and console to enable or disable multiple settings such as GPS, BT, WLAN and NFC, and conduct OTAP of the radio through broadband.

‚Äč Multiple Group & Permission Control

Support multiple roles and hierarchical group management to clearly classify the permission and work range for better collaboration.

Diversified Services

Besides programming and upgrades, the system also controls application installation and uninstallation, license authorization, remote notification to the radio and file transmission. If the radio is compromised, the system is able to remotely erase sensitive data to avoid information leakage.


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