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Providing the Ultimate Body Worn Video Solution for Health & Safety

A local authority made the decision to invest in body worn video cameras for its parking officers for two reasons:

  • Health and safety. Parking officers are lone workers and are frequently the victims of abuse and aggressive behaviour. Body worn video cameras can act as a deterrent and obviously record any incidents that occur can be used to prosecute the offender if necessary.
  • To provide evidence when disputes occur over parking infringements

Body worn cameras are an excellent solution for the providing evidence but used alone they proved not be the ultimate solution for this application. 


Potential Applications

  • Parking Attendants
  • Housing Officers
  • Social Workers
  • Security Staff
  • Teachers

Ease of set-up:


Recommended Product(s): 

  • Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio
  • Hytera VM685  Body Worn Video Camera


A parking officer got into a situation with a motorist that quickly escalated, with the motorist becoming aggressive. Sufficient evidence was captured on the parking officer’s bodycam to enable the local authority to prosecute and fortunately, as the parking officer also had a radio, she was able to raise an alert for assistance. However, had she had a Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio paired with a Hytera bodycam real-time footage would have been streamed to the control room and the police could have been immediately notified when help was required, and also where the incident was occurring as the GPS function on the radio provides the exact location of the radio. Additionally, if the bodycam became damaged during an altercation video would still have been captured. 

The Multi-mode radio has two in-built cameras itself which can be used for capturing video or stills e.g. number plates, position of parked cars etc.

Relevant Coverage in the Media

Spokesperson, Newham Council

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