NEW Tait TP3

Tait will be showcasing their new Tait TP3 at PMR Expo next week but we can give you the highlights now.

The TP3 offers the performance and robustness you’d expect from a Tait radio (it has an IP67 rating) and all the health and safety options we increasingly expect from radios too (lone worker, man down, GPS, Bluetooth) so it’s good value for money. But what the TP3  prides itself on is the ability to personalise and differentiate handsets.

Firstly, it is available in a range of colours. Secondly, interchangeable covers mean that you can make handsets keypad or non-keypad as required. Finally, you can apply customised labels in a number of areas (fully explained in the brochure).

We will soon be taking delivery of demonstrator kits for the TP3 so you’ll soon be able to see for yourself what the commercial opportunities for this product are.


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