Six Things We Like About the New Hytera PD485

The PD485, is a low to mid-tier radio which offers many benefits not previously available from radios in this category.

  1. The OLED screen offers a high contrast display for clear viewing in a multitude of lighting conditions.
  2. Full keypad enables free text messaging, simple one-to-one dialing and the ability call for free (with suitable infrastructure).
  3. GPS (factory option) means that location tracking is possible. This was not previously available on Hytera’s low/mid-tier models.
  4. Integrated Bluetooth (factory option) means that the radio can be used with wireless accessories, again this is new on low/mid-tier radios.
  5. Integrated Bluetooth also offers future potential for internal tracking of staff (with suitable infrastructure)
  6. Real time clock provides extremely accurate time keeping, which may be extremely relevant in resolving health and safety disputes etc.

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